ISSEP 2006 Start ISSEP 2006, November 711, Vilnius, Lithuania


MII Institute of Mathematics and Informatics


LRS Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic of Lithuania
IVPK Information Society Development Committee under the Government
MM Ministry of Education and Science
ITC Centre of IT of Education
Klagenfurt University Klagenfurt University, Austria
TEV Publishing House TEV
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Last updated Feb 23, 2006

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Call For Papers

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Submission and formatting requirements

Full papers of high quality, describing unpublished, original scientific research related to one of the topics mentioned or to the overall conference theme (max 10 pages) are invited. Papers describing novel didactical approaches, methods, tools, findings, interpretations, explanations, or other contributions presented in a solid scientific framework, including empirical evaluation are most welcome.

Accepted papers will be compiled into two types of proceedings (scientific and methodological). It is planned to publish selected papers in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

The organizers are seeking contributions in form of

  • Papers
  • Panel discussions
  • Topical tutorials

Contributions should clearly belong to one of the following topics:

Fundamentals of Informatics Education

  • What is the basic message of informatics education
  • Informatics and ICT in School
  • Deep understanding ICT deep learning
  • Introduction to informatics, forming a basis
  • Standards and certifications of Informatics in schools
  • Social and ethical aspects of using ICT
  • Gender issues in ICT education in school
  • Societal and cultural issues

Content and Approaches

  • Teaching Informatics: past / presence / future
  • Teaching basic concepts versus teaching applications
  • Algorithmic versus modelling / procedural or object-oriented perspectives
  • Collaborative and self-organised learning
  • Relationship between Informatics and other subjects

Informatics and New Media in Education

  • Informatics and e-learning
  • E-learning technology and methodologies
  • WWW-based course-support systems
  • Learning Objects: design, reuse

Teacher Education

  • How to keep Informatics teachers up to date?
  • Teaching / learning strategies of Informatics
  • Improving classroom teaching
  • In-service education and training
  • Special challenges in informatics education in vocational schools

Informatics Education beyond school

  • Learning via contests
  • Informatics Olympiads
  • Computer Science and IT competitions
  • Summer schools in Computer Science
  • Project-based activity in Computer Science

Conference language is English.

Submissions have to be written in English. ISSEP will accept only electronic submissions. Details of the submission process can be found later.

Kindly observe the submission deadline of March 15th, 2006.