ISSEP 2006 Start ISSEP 2006, November 7–11, Vilnius, Lithuania


MII Institute of Mathematics and Informatics


LRS Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic of Lithuania
IVPK Information Society Development Committee under the Government
ÐMM Ministry of Education and Science
ITC Centre of IT of Education
Klagenfurt University Klagenfurt University, Austria
TEV Publishing House TEV
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General Information

Conference Theme: Informatics Education – The Bridge between Using and Understanding Computers

ISSEP – Informatics in Secondary Schools: Evolution and Perspectives – will provide an opportunity to discuss developments in the field and the extent of their relevance for school.

In Lithuania Informatics became a teaching subject in 1986 in the comprehensive schools. During the last 20 years Informatics has experienced a drastic evolution and even some shifts of paradigms. This applies to an even larger extent to the Didactics of Informatics.

The first ISSEP conference was arranged by Klagenfurt University, Austria, 2005. The purpose of the conference was to start analysing the achievements of teaching and learning Informatics in general education during the last two decades and to reflect on new developments. ISSEP 2006 will continue this thread of analysis on a broad international level.

On the basis of these challenging areas, participants will consider how to cope with future demands of education in Informatics and IT.

Teachers, lecturers working in teachers-education or in in-service training, as well as persons responsible for school administration are welcome to share their experience or vision on an international platform.

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