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Baltic Olympiads in Informatics (BOI)

The goal of the Baltic Olympiads in Informatics (BOI) is not only to compete, but also to train and to select the best school students from each of the Baltic country to participate in the International Olympiads in Informatics (IOIs).

Waiting for the opening ceremony in BOI'2000 in Sweden

Informatics is relatively new subject in the secondary school curricula in many countries of the world. Informatics was included into the school curricula of the three Baltic States in 1986-1987 (in 1986 as a compulsory subject in Latvia and Lithuania, and in 1987 as an optional subject in Estonia). National olympiads in informatics have been organised since 1988 in Latvia and Estonia, whereas Lithuania started organising national olympiads in informatics in 1990. From 1985 to 1989 relevant competitions were organised in Lithuania where not only school students, but also university students and other people aged below 30 could participate.

Chairman of Lithuanian Parlament Artūras Paulauskas gives opening speach in BOI'2002 in Lithuania

With the re-establishment of Estonia’s, Latvia’s and Lithuania’s independence and their official recognition by the world’s community, the students teams from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were invited to participate in the Third International Olympiad in Informatics which took place in Bonn (Germany) in 1992. At the glass of German beer the delegation leaders of the three countries (Rein Prank and Indrek Jentson from Estonia, Māris Vītiņš and Viesturs Vēzis from Latvia, Gintautas Grigas and Viktoras Dagys – from Lithuania) had a discussion on how to help students in better preparation for international olympiads. The idea was raised that a common olympiad of the three countries could help to form a team of the selected four strongest students from each country to participate in IOIs. The discussion about the Baltic Olympiads was continued in the two following IOIs in Mendoza in 1993 and in Stockholm in 1994.

BOI participants could enjoy riding Historical Narrow Gauge railway, BOI'2005

However the train was "attacked" by the robbers , BOI'2005

Following the standards of international olympiads in informatics it has been agreed that the competitors of Baltic olympiads in informatics will have to solve six algorithmic problems during two days of the competition. Programs, designed by the competitors are evaluated using Contest and evaluation system in a similar way as it is done in IOI.

The delegation of each country will be made of eight participants and two delegation leaders. Why eight competitors? Eight is an optimal number, enabling not only to select the candidates to the national team to represent country in IOI, but also to give training to younger school students who will probably join the national team in a year or two. Nevertheless due to the expansion of BOI the number of competitors has been decreased to six. The delegation leaders from each country have to offer problems in advance, discuss them through the electronic mail and select six from all the offered problems in the end; translate them at home into the mother tongues after their approval and bring to the olympiad in the electronic form.

Game competition in BOI'2000, Sweden

The integrity of the goals of the olympiads and mutual trust of the delegation leaders made it possible to organise a relatively short-term (the duration 3-4 days) and inexpensive event. Naturally, a week-long IOI is a real festivity for the contestants and their delegations leaders, which stays in their memory for challenging problems, new friends and interesting excursions. The Baltic Olympiad in Informatics (BOI), however, can be distinguished for cosy and good neighbourly atmosphere.

Gold medal winners of BOI'2004

The First Baltic Olympiad in Informatics took place in Tartu (Estonia) 21-23 April 1995. The second olympiad was organised in Riga (Latvia). The Third Baltic Olympiad in Informatics took place in Vilnius, Lithuania) in 1997. The fourth BOI was organized in Tartu-Tallinn (Estonia), the fifth – in Riga (Latvia), the sixth – in Haninge (Sweden), the seventh – in Sopot (Poland), the eighth - in Vilnius (Lithuania) and the nineth - in Tartu (Estonia) and the 10'th in Ventspils (Latvija) in 2004. Then BOI returned to Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2005 and Finland hosted BOI for the first time in 2006 in Heinola. In 2007 BOI took place in Güstrow, Germany. In April 2008 BOI will return to Poland.

When the competition is over... Excursion to Euro-Park, BOI'2002, Lithuania

Experiencing miners life, BOI'2003 Estonia

Having fun, BOI'2004 Latvia