Vilnius, 5 February, 2002
On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Lithuania the National Committee of Lithuanian Olympiad in Informatics is honoured to invite your team of six secondary school students, a team leader and a deputy team leader to the

23-28 April, 2002

The Olympiad aims at:

Teams of the following countries (including guest countries) are invited:

Denmark           Finland  Poland  Israel
Estonia   Latvia   Russia
Germany  Lithuania  Sweden

The Olympiad will take place in Vilnius, in the buildings of Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic of Lithuania (Gedimino Ave., 53;

The preliminary schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, 23 April  Arrival of the teams.
Wednesday, 24 April  Opening ceremony. Practice time. Jury meeting.
Thursday, 25 April  First competition day. Evaluation. Jury meeting.
Friday, 26 April  Second competition day. Evaluation. Jury meeting.
Saturday, 27 April  Excursion. Closing ceremony.
Sunday, 28 April  Departure of the teams.

The participating countries will have to cover the travel expenses to and from Vilnius. The organisers will pay full board and accommodation costs.

During the Olympiad on 26 April, the Conference on Informatics and Information technology in education will be arranged for school principals, advisers, teachers, lectures. We kindly ask the team leaders to prepare a presentation on teaching informatics or using information technology for education purposes in your countries. If you need an extra person for presentation in conference, please contact us.

Yours sincerely
Ass. Prof., Dr. Valentina Dagienė
Head of the National Committee
of Lithuanian Olympiad in Informatics

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Akademijos str., 4, Lithuania
tel +370 98 05448; fax +370 2 729209