The Competition and the Conference will take place in the buildings of Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic of Lithuania (Gedimino Ave., 53)
The contestants will be accomodated in hotel Sportas, Bistryčios13. The hotel is located slightly out of town: 10 minutes on foot to the nearest bus stop and then 10 minutes (5 stops) by trolleybuss till the center of Vilnius. It is a clean and warm hotel, though the architecture is of typical Soviet planning.
The team leaders and guests will be accomodated in the JNN Hostel (Jaunimo nakvynės namai), Ukmergės 25, Vilnius. The Parliament (competition site) will be just across the bridge.
The Old Town, historical centre of Vilnius, is one of the largest in Eastern Europe (360 ha). Walking tour through the old town will be offered for BOI'2002 participants. 
It is not every time that Olympiad takes place in the Parliament, so this occasion is a very good possibility to make tour through Parliament buildings. Those participating in the event will be able to do this tour during the BOI'2002. The others can make a virtual tour
The contestants will have a possibility to visit The Open Air Museum of the Centre of Europe.
The team leaders will have a possibility to choose whether to visit The Museum of the Centre of Europe together with contestants or  Trakai History Museum.